Humphree is a global company which develops and sells trim and stabilisation systems to commercial and leisure marine applications. The company was established in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden in 2002 to provide cutting-edge products and services tailored to unlock the true potential of all types of fast vessels – old or new.

How does it work?


The basic principle of the interceptor trim tab is to create preassure underneath the hull, at the stern of the boat. The pressure is created when the blade is deployed into the waterflow underneath the hull. This lift will change the running trim of the vessel resulting in a lower wave resistance. That is way the interceptor blade need to reach as deep as possible below the boat to create as much lifting force as possible.

Humphree has the fastest and longest interceptor blades on the market, which gives a very good result instantly. With interceptor blades of at least 50 mm length moving with accuracy and high speed the movement of the boat will be affected tremendously.