ZF Marine

Worldwide, ZF products make a major contribution to mobility. ZF develops and produces transmissions, reducers, steering systems, axles, undercarriages and chassis components as well as complete systems for passenger cars, commercial and railway vehicles, and off-road machinery and vessels.

Vessels have been carrying people and goods since the times when the man started to explore his environment. Safety, reliability and efficiency were constantly improved, especially after the invention of propulsion systems. ZF Marine is the leading supplier of marine propulsion and control systems for all boat types, and they promote a continuous development by using state-of-the-art technologies and quality standards.

Since 1st April 2011, the company DUING d.o.o. has been a contracted distributor for ZF Marine products for the Republic of Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and Slovenia.

In order to satisfy the needs of present and future users of ZF Marine products in the best possible way, we have organized a professional and high quality network of service centers, and sale of products and replacement parts throughout our distribution area.

We recommend our service and sale centers hoping that this will significantly ease your search and satisfy your needs for ZF Marine product

More information available at www.zf-marine.com