Tohatsu MFS 5D

- engine lubrification: oil pump
- built-in fuel tank (model S i L): 1,15 l
- separate fuel tank (model SS i SL): 12 l
- built-in thermostat
- reverse gear: forward - neutral - rewerse
- R/L rotation app. 70 degree
- 3-way storage positions
- Ergonomically designed Front & Back Carrying Handles
Tecnical data
Power: 3,68 kW Displacement: 123 ccm
Number of cylinders: 1 Max. operating range: 4500-5500 rpm
Max fuel consumption (wide open throttle): 1,7 l/h Engine oil quantity: 0,45 l
Gear reduction ratio: 2,15
Weight: 25,6 kg Depth: 783 mm
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